by A Social Affair Event Management March 17, 2017

With 2016 behind us and 2017 on the horizon, A Social Affair Event Management offers predictions on which trends we'll see in both the corporate and private setting.

Calm: With many looking back on 2016 as a chaotic year and others looking into 2017 with uncertainty, expect an overall theme of calm, tranquility and serenity to dominate most events, from corporate lunches to lavish weddings.

The stressed out bride, the nervous salesperson, and the hesitant fundraiser-donor will all take peace in this approach for social gatherings in 2017.

Many of the trends I see for 2017 will reflect on this theme:

Live plants: In particular you'll see lots of lavender and other plants known for calming aromas as event centrepieces, even (and most notably) in a corporate setting. For a wedding, a live lavender plant as centrepiece is not only beautiful but longer lasting than cut flowers. Place a coloured sticker under the plate of one guest per table — the winner takes home the centrepiece.
The great outdoors: Well into fall and starting early spring, you might be surprised to attend a wedding ceremony outdoors! (Yes, even with Ottawa’s notoriously long winters.) Expect to see plenty of outdoor gas powered heaters, perhaps even warming up an outdoor lounge area at the next corporate event you attend. 
Monochrome decor: This look isn’t only reserved for the runways in 2017! Expect to see the theme of “calm” reflected in simple, easy palettes forming a single gradient of one colour. I expect a huge resurgence of beige palettes (think wheat colours and natural kraft materials)

Beyond the calm, I predict much of the following throughout 2017:

Instagram Walls and custom snap chat filters: Social is nothing new, but it is ever evolving. The new backdrop needs to be square and properly proportioned to the average attendee to make fun (and shareable/likeable!) photos an easy, intuitive activity for guests. As for snapchat, plan in advance for a custom filter (or “geofilter”) make sure snaps from your event stand out!

Unusual venues: For more intimate events, we’ll go beyond the divided ballroom at the local hotel and the golf course and see more use of lesser-known museums (Ottawa has a ski museum, did you know?)

Restaurants as caterers: not only will you see the names of local, trendy restaurants pop up as caterers at major events, you’ll also see traditional caterers expand their usual offering to more local, artisanal and unique choices

Live acts: Sure, calm will play a dominating role in events in 2017, but after all the lavender centrepieces and chamomile tea, many event attendees — in particular at conferences or other corporate events — will appreciate the chance to unwind and relax in a more energetic, extroverted way Expect to see live acts, from popular local (or even international) rock pop acts to live “cirque du soleil” or pyrotechnic style performances.

A Social Affair Event Management
A Social Affair Event Management